Internet and Email Issues

Internet & Email problems are perhaps the most frustrating of all, as many small businesses simply cannot afford to be without these services for any length of time.

Many Internet service providers are starting to restrict the use of email from hosting companies other than their own, in an attempt to reduce junk mail and many small businesses have difficulty in determining where the cause of the problem lies, between the website designer, the hosting company, the IT systems and the current Internet provider.

In the short term, we will take ownership of the problem to ensure that a resolution is obtained quickly, no matter where the problem lies. In the long term our goal is to ensure that everything is fully supported by a single market leading supplier, wherever practical, so that :

a) fewer problems occur and
b) our clients are one call away from a solution.

We are also able to handle Internet, Domain and Email service transfers where required, with the minimum of disruption to business. In a worst case scenario, help can be provided regarding domain ownership to resolve more complex issues where the hosting company has stopped trading, or where the original website designer is no longer contactable.


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